The year is in full swing and spring is in the air! Here in Florida, this is an opportunity for us to enjoy milder temperatures for just a little longer before the summer heat barrels through our state. Spring represents life and rebirth. For many households, it is tradition to do an annual “spring cleaning”.  Even for condominiums and homeowners associations, it can make sense to do at least an annual, thorough walk-through to make sure physically, the property is well-maintained. However, many communities don’t prioritize cleaning up their own documents, whether due to lack of time or budgetary concerns.

Many of the communities that we represent were built in the 1980’s and many others in the early 2000’s. During the decades that have passed, the laws have changed, and in most likelihood, so have the management company and of course, the board of directors. Often we see that our clients have restrictions, amendments, guidelines, and policies, which no longer fit the needs of the community, that were enacted by prior personnel. Other times, we see rules or policies adopted that contradict newly-adopted law, or even the original governing documents themselves.

These issues, however, are not unique to our older communities. We also represent several communities that have recently turned over from the developer. Obviously, the developer and their sales representatives have different goals about the community than do the individuals that purchase the home and intend on living there long-term. It may make sense to do a review of the documents then to find out what makes sense and what would better serve the owners’ needs.

We strongly recommend that our clients undertake some form of “spring cleaning” to allow a fresh set of eyes to review their documents top to bottom. You might be surprised about what can be uncovered. As a service to our clients, as a spring special, we are offering a one-time review and recommendations on how to freshen up your governing documents for $200.00. Regardless of how long it takes us to pore through the governing documents, amendments, rules, policies, or guidelines that your community has implemented, we will only charge you the flat rate of $200.00 for our full recommendations. If you’re interested, please contact our Client Relations Manager, Nanda, via email at

Spring Cleaning 2018

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